Can a glass moka pot release grease

Can a glass moka pot release grease?

A Moka pot is a device that can extract coffee, usually made of glass or stainless steel. For glass Moka pots, since their sealing is not as good as stainless steel Moka pots, it is not easy to release grease. However, if you use the correct brewing method and choose high-quality coffee beans, you can still increase the oil yield to a certain extent.
Here are some suggestions:
1. Use high-quality coffee beans: Choosing fresh, roasted coffee beans can increase the possibility of extracting oil. Generally speaking, dark roasted coffee beans are more likely to produce oils.
2. Adjust the brewing temperature: High-temperature water will pass through the coffee powder layer faster, but it may also result in an overly bitter or burnt taste. Therefore, the water temperature needs to be adjusted appropriately according to personal taste. Under normal circumstances, it is more appropriate to boil the water and leave it for a few dozen seconds to a minute before brewing.
3. Control the water flow speed: During the brewing process, the water flow speed must be controlled, and do not let the water column be too large or too rapid. Slowing the flow of water properly allows more air to enter the water, which helps form foamy grease.
4. Pressure issue: The double-valve Moka pot does have an advantage over the single-valve one in terms of pressure (although the gap is not big), but this does not guarantee that there will be rich oil; in other words, it does not produce concentrated Of course, the high pressure required for making coffee will not completely fail to produce the taste of coffee, but it cannot fundamentally solve the problem). Some new improvements in the double-valve version are that the way of releasing steam has changed a little; generally speaking, a little more oil can be released, which is useful for improving the fullness of the taste, but the effect on thickness and richness is minimal. Basically there is not much difference.
5. Add filter paper: Adding a layer of filter paper may reduce the impact of some impurities and sediments, but there is no clear evidence to support whether it can increase oil production. In addition, it should be noted that some brands of filter paper may not be compatible with your Moka pot, so it is best to consult the seller before purchasing whether it is suitable for your equipment model and usage requirements.
6. Other factors affect oil: In addition to the reasons mentioned above, the size and distribution of coffee grinding particles will also affect the amount of oil extracted. In addition, some people will use a capillary dropper to extract oil. Add water to make tea to better control the ratio of water and powder. You can also refer to the derivative applications of this method to see whether it is necessary to prepare a professional coffee scale. It will be more helpful for us to understand the actual operation process, etc. Details may be in affect the final effect to a certain extent.

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