Chinese Best Coffee Equipment and Accessories Company

Dasheng Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd is the leading supplier and manufacturers of coffee equipment and accessories situated in China. This guide is mainly focused on products that the coffee equipment and accessories company is producing and supplying to their target customers. The company is known for providing OEM and ODM coffee equipment and accessories to potential clients and customers.

coffee equipment and accessories company
coffee equipment and accessories company

20 years of professional coffee equipment and accessories company

Their customers are now located throughout Europe, North America, Japan and Korea. dasheng is not only a manufacturer, but also has specialists in the warehouse and sales offices who are responsible for the efficient operation of procurement and supply chain management.
This coffee equipment and accessories company not only produces high quality coffee equipment and accessories, but also offers solutions to the needs of its target customers for different grades and budgets of coffee supply combinations to address their different levels of orientation towards the cultural output of coffee.

As coffee equipment and accessories are used all over the world, has a wide range of customers. Individual households, businesses, retail coffee shops, e-commerce sales and coffee shops are the main targets.

Chinese Best Coffee Equipment and Accessories Company a Complete Guide

Dasheng is a group of expert technicians and skilled workers involved in the design and manufacture of coffee equipment and accessories. They have a strong research and development approach that enables their products to meet quality standards and makes Dasheng a highly innovative coffee equipment and accessories company.

The coffee equipment and accessories company has technically well-equipped partner factories. There are four partner factories in Jiangmen, Guangdong and three in Foshan, Guangdong.

The strong production capacity enables designs to be realised quickly and guarantees that deliveries can be made within the lead time. Mass production will be more than 30% faster compared to the production cycle of ordinary factories. New product development is more than 10 models per month, far exceeding the level of the industry.

Dasheng’s high efficiency and quality is due to its own R&D level and strong supply chain relationships. We have a professional sales team to solve customer problems in a timely manner to gain more time for our customers to sell.

Introduction of Dasheng Coffee Equipment and Accessories

The Dasheng coffee set enhances the taste and art of coffee culture. A coffee set with a touch of Western classicism, which makes it more interesting to use and produces a more pure coffee. Coffee Accessories – The Best Choice

For consumers to make a mind-blowing cup of coffee, in addition to having good coffee they also need the best coffee accessories including grinders, kettles, frothers, scales and thermometers.
Whether at home, in the office or travelling coffee equipment and accessories are always available to create a satisfying cup of coffee for the customer.

Categories of Coffee Accessories produces the appropriate coffee accessories and brewing equipment according to filter coffee and espresso. They are discussed in the following section.

1. Brewing Equipment:
– Hand coffee bean grinder: Manual grinders used to grind coffee beans to the desired consistency.
– Coffee scales: Accurate scales for measuring coffee grounds and water ratios.
2. Filters and Strainers:
   – Paper filters: Used in drip coffee makers and pour-over devices to remove coffee grounds.
   – Metal filters: Reusable filters that allow more oils and sediments to pass through, often used in French presses and AeroPress.
   – Milk frothers: Tools used to create frothy milk for cappuccinos and lattes.
3. Storage and Preservation:
   – Coffee canisters: Airtight containers to store coffee beans or grounds, preserving freshness and flavor.
   – Coffee storage bags: Specialty bags with one-way valves that allow carbon dioxide to escape while preventing oxygen from entering.
   – Vacuum sealers: Devices that remove air from coffee bags or containers, prolonging the shelf life of coffee.
4. Serving and Drinking:
   – Coffee mugs and cups: Various sizes and designs for enjoying coffee.
   – Coffee carafes: Thermal containers to keep brewed coffee hot for extended periods.
   – Coffee spoons and scoops: Tools for measuring and stirring coffee.
   – Coffee stirrers: Long spoons or sticks used for stirring coffee.
5. Cleaning and Maintenance:
   – Coffee brush: A small brush to clean coffee grinders, machines, and other equipment.
   – Cleaning tablets/powders: Used to clean coffee machines and remove residue and oils.
   – Descaling solutions: Products used to remove mineral deposits from coffee machines.
6. Accessories for Specialty Coffee:
   – Tampers: Tools to evenly distribute and pack coffee grounds in an espresso machine portafilter.
   – Milk frothing pitchers: Stainless steel pitchers with a spout for frothing and pouring milk.
   – Coffee syphons: Elaborate brewing devices that use vacuum and vapor pressure to brew coffee.

Coffee Accessories Categories

Hand coffee bean grinder

Hand coffee bean grinder

brew coffee stand

Brew coffee stand

coffee distributor

Coffee distributor

coffee knock out box

Coffee knock out box

coffee pot

Coffee pot



Milk Pitcher

Milk pitcher

moka pot

Moka pot




Coffee canister



electric scale

Electric scale

Equipment Needed in Coffee Making and Function

Making coffee requires a series of equipment, and each tool has different functions and functions.

1. Coffee Grinder: A coffee grinder is essential for freshly grinding coffee beans before brewing. It allows you to control the grind size and ensure maximum flavor extraction.

2. Coffee Maker or Espresso Machine: These are the primary tools for brewing coffee. From simple drip coffee makers to advanced espresso machines, they come with various features and brewing methods to suit different preferences.

3. Coffee Filters: Filters are used in drip coffee makers to separate the coffee grounds from the brewed liquid, producing a clean and sediment-free cup of coffee. They come in different types, including paper, metal, and cloth filters.

4. Coffee Scale: A precise coffee scale helps measure the right amount of coffee beans and water, ensuring consistency and accuracy in brewing. It’s especially useful for pour-over methods like the Chemex or V60.

5. Coffee Grinder Brush: After grinding coffee beans, a brush is used to remove any residual grounds, keeping the grinder clean and preventing cross-contamination of flavors.

6. Coffee Tamper: Tampers are used in espresso brewing to evenly compress the coffee grounds in the portafilter. This ensures proper extraction and consistency in flavor.

7. Milk Frother: A milk frother is used to create creamy, frothed milk for cappuccinos, lattes, and other specialty coffee beverages. It can be a handheld frother or a built-in feature in espresso machines.

8. Coffee Mugs and Cups: These are used to serve coffee. They come in various sizes, designs, and materials, such as ceramic, glass, or insulated stainless steel, to suit personal preferences.

9. Coffee Stirrers and Spoons: Stirrers and spoons are used to mix coffee, sugar, and other additives, ensuring even distribution and flavor integration.

10. Coffee Storage Containers: To maintain the freshness of coffee beans or grounds, airtight storage containers with valves to release carbon dioxide are used. They protect coffee from light, air, and moisture.

11. Coffee Tumblers and Travel Mugs: Insulated tumblers and travel mugs keep coffee hot or cold for extended periods, making them suitable for on-the-go coffee enthusiasts.

coffee portafilter manufacturer
coffee filter manufacturer

What Makes Stand Out from the Competition?

Out of all the coffee equipment and accessories companies , stands out from the competition. Following strengths are the cornerstones of their outstanding performance.

Quality Assurance

Made of high-quality materials. The high quality appliances improve the taste and quality of the coffee, but also extend the life and reduce maintenance costs.

Enhanced Efficiency

The company can deliver the products in as little as seven to ten days if the manufacturing demand is for a sample coffee accessories. However, the bulk products can be shipped during fifteen to forty-five days only. Teamwork has led to achieving such goals.

Strong Research and Development

The research and development section of is performing above and beyond expectations because of the continuous efforts and collaborative approach of almost 10 highly skilled employees. The team of ten have more than fourteen years of experience in carrying out research and developmental project for coffee equipment and accessories. The research and developmental tools have twenty-eight patented technologies to come up with valid and reliable results.
The technological development and innovation capabilities of an enterprise are the core of an enterprise’s competitiveness. DASHENG always puts the enhancement of the company’s R&D strength and independent innovation capability construction in the prominent position of the company’s development. The company continues to increase R&D investment, with an average annual R&D expenditure accounting for more than 30% of operating income. The company will continue to increase its investment in R&D in the future, and strengthen the company’s core competitiveness through continuous improvement of independent innovation capabilities.

Coffee Equipment and Accessories Testing Center

DASHENG has established a coffee equipment test center in accordance with UL10822, CB, CE, GB2828.1:2003 and other safety standards, which is mainly responsible for product safety performance testing during the development, trial production and mass production of new products.
The company has high-end test equipment, such as airtightness testers, constant temperature and humidity chambers, ageing test lines, hydrochloric acid test chambers, drop testers, etc.

Coffee quipment smart manufacturing

The production equipment of our Coffee Equipment Company’s partner factories are advanced automatic equipment in China, such as automatic cutting equipment, automatic assembly machines, automatic spot welding equipment, and coffee auxiliary parts testing systems.
Our Coffee Equipment Company’s partner factory has a group of production managers and industrial workers who are experienced in the coffee equipment industry, which provides the foundation for the superior quality of coffee equipment products.

Quality control

Quality policy: full participation, continuous improvement, customer first, quality first
The quality policy determines the quality purpose and direction, including the commitment to meet the requirements and continuous improvement, and is compatible with the company’s purpose, and provides a framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives.
The quality policy embodies the commitment to meet customer needs, exceed customer expectations, and continue to improve.

Quality goal

The qualified rate of incoming batches is ≥96%
Qualified rate of warehousing batch ≥98%
Number of customer complaints ≤ 2 times/month
Sporadic return rate ≤800PPM

Customer Service

If the product does not meet the needs and reach the satisfaction of the customers, then a return policy is there to serve them.


Coffee equipment packs here have earned these certifications, CE, CCC, CB, CQC, and MEC, and more than twenty patent certificates. In addition to this, the awards and recognition of excellence in exporting, sales excellence award, top leading global trade award is awarded for the exceptional services performed by the team of

coffee equipment certifications


Besides manufacturing coffee equipment and accessories, is geared towards a sustainable competitive advantage as well. The company has its complete focus on you. It has strived its level best to provide its potential customers with value-driven and innovative product ideas.
Financing, sourcing, and supply chain expertise have paved the path to generating leads for the company. The company patiently awaits to provide all its customers with the below-mentioned perks and privileges.

Money Saver

One-stop shopping saves you time and costs and gives you a better purchasing experience.. Thus, enhance the value of your home along with comfort. Invest with, you will never regret that!

Consult and Plan

Dasheng is a coffee equipment and accessories companies that can provide customized solutions.Firstly, the company will consult with you about your needs and requirements. Then make a plan to you. it all begins by planning with

Initiate Working

Once the team and client have decided how to proceed collaboratively, then the certified engineers will take up the role and perform accordingly.

Final Thoughts

Many ideas are hovering over the minds of the consumer, but the point is to pitch those ideas and align them. The experts at are born to provide innovative ideas and then plan the work accordingly. From the development of a solution to the delivery of the final product and even after-sales service, Dasheng coffee equipment and accessories company is just a phone call away. So, make the plans and continue to grow with to realize your coffee business.


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