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Manual Coffee Grinder – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

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Manual Coffee Grinder

Manual Coffee Grinder – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

For coffee lovers and connoisseurs, the journey to an extraordinary cup of coffee begins with the selection of premium coffee beans. However, the real magic happens when those beans are turned into a fresh, aromatic grind. In this article, we explore the world of coffee grinders, their importance in the pursuit of great coffee, and the various types available to coffee lovers.

Why do you need freshly ground coffee?

Freshly ground to maximise coffee flavour retention
What a pleasure it is when you have a cup of coffee in the morning. With freshly ground coffee, not only can you control the taste of your coffee, but it is also a demonstration of quality of life.

What is freshly ground coffee?

Freshly ground coffee is the process of making your own coffee from roasted coffee beans, which are then ground into coffee powder before brewing. The best thing about it is that it is fresh! This is one of the most attractive aspects of freshly ground coffee, namely that it retains the maximum amount of the original flavour and fresh aroma of the coffee. It is difficult to avoid the loss of coffee flavour when the coffee powder and liquid in the market are made and stored. This is because once ground, coffee beans lose their aroma and other volatiles through oxidation in the short time they are in contact with air. Therefore, the only way to retain the maximum amount of aroma and flavour is to grind the coffee beans into a powder before drinking, also known as “freshly ground”.

The role of the coffee grinder.

Coffee grinding is a critical step in the coffee brewing process where the whole coffee bean is converted into smaller particles suitable for extraction. The main purpose of a coffee grinder is to break down the coffee beans, increasing their surface area and extracting flavor and aroma during the brewing process.

The difference between a blade grinder and a burr grinder.

Coffee grinders fall into two main categories: blade grinders and burr grinders. While both are used to grind coffee beans, they differ significantly in terms of grind consistency, control, and overall brewing experience.

Blade grinder:
The blade grinder, common in many households, works by using rotating blades to chop up the coffee beans. They are usually less expensive and more readily available than burr grinders. However, blade grinders tend to produce inconsistent grind sizes, resulting in uneven extraction and poorer coffee flavor.

Burr grinder:
This type of coffee grinder is more common. According to the grinding core, it can be divided into ceramic grinding core and stainless steel grinding core. The difference between the two is described below.
a) Ceramic grinding core grinding machine:
The grinder with ceramic grinding core is cheaper than the grinder with stainless steel grinding core. Generally speaking, a coffee grinder with a ceramic core will be matched with a plastic body.
b) Stainless steel grinding core grinding machine:
Stainless steel grinding core grinding machine, its grinding core is mainly 420 stainless steel, the material of the dial will be brass or stainless steel, and the body will also be metal, such as stainless steel or aluminum alloy. It has a better appearance and is more durable, but it is slightly more expensive.
According to the shape of the burr, it can also be divided into the following two types:conical burr and flat burr.
c) Conical burr:
conical burr grinders, as the name suggests, feature two cone-shaped burrs—one stationary and the other rotating.The internal one is rotation and the external one is stationary.
d)Flat burr:
flat burr grinders, consist of two flat, parallel discs that crush the coffee beans between them.The distance between them determines the thickness of the ground coffee.

Advantages of the burr grinder.

Consistency: Burr grinders provide a more uniform grind size, which is critical for a balanced and even extraction. This consistency ensures that each coffee particle is optimally extracted, resulting in a round and delicious coffee.
Control: By adjusting the dial, the burr grinder produces different fines of coffee grounds, which allows coffee lovers to fine-tune the grind size according to their preferred brewing method, whether french press, pour over or espresso.
Durability and Longevity: Burr grinders are typically made from high-quality materials such as stainless steel or ceramic, ensuring a reliable performance for years to come with proper maintenance.Blade grinders generally have a shorter lifespan compared to burr grinders. The single blade may wear out over time, affecting the grinding performance and consistency.
Quieter Operation: When we grind, due to the material of the machine,the burr grinder will be quieter than blade grinder. This is especially essential for those who seeking a narcissistic coffee brewing experience.

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How should I choose between conical and flat burr grinders?

This question can also be”Which is better,conical or flat?”These similar questions often have no answers. Which is better or which one should I choose is determined by many factors.It depends on your budget, your coffee taste preference etc.So, just choose the most suitable one for you.

How to adjust the coarseness of a manual coffee grinder?

1. Unscrew the metal nut on top of the hand coffee grinder.
2. remove the crank on the hand grinder.
3. take the hand mill fineness adjustment screw above the fixed metal card.
4. the left hand pinch the fixed column in the middle of the hand grinder coffee machine, so that it can not be rotated left and right, the right hand to rotate the coarse and fine adjusting nut, if the downward rotation of the degree of grinding will become fine, upward rotation of the degree of grinding will become coarse. In this process should be set from time to time to rotate the handle, and take some coffee beans to grind and observe the degree of coarseness to meet the needs.
5. Re-install the handle and re-tighten the nut on it.
6. with the adjusted grinding coarseness, grind coffee and make a cup of coffee, while ensuring that the amount of powder, smoothing and pressing steps are accurate. The production standard of espresso: 20-30 seconds extraction time, powder water ratio is about 1:2. For example, 18 grams of coffee powder makes 36 grams of coffee liquid. Use the same weight of coffee beans, if the time is too long, make the coffee powder more refined, if the time is too short, make the coffee powder more fine. Find the right grind for your taste after many tests.

What is the difference between a manual bean grinder and an electric bean grinder?

The speed of grinding is the main difference between the two types of grinders when it comes to grinding coffee beans. The speed of grinding has the greatest impact on the uniformity of the coffee powder and the degree of aroma retention.
1. A hand crank grinder needs to grind the coffee powder manually, and the efficiency is much slower compared to an electric grinder. Hand crank grinder in grinding coffee powder, it is difficult to achieve uniform strength, especially grinding light to medium roasted coffee beans, so in the uniformity will be worse, but the slow grinding speed of the hand crank grinder, do not let out too much heat, so the coffee powder in the degree of retention of aroma will be a little higher, which is why in recent years the world barista competitions, a lot of contestants to use the hand crank grinder reasons.
2. The electric grinder is a “one-button operation”. 20g of coffee beans, regardless of the degree of roasting, can be completed in a few seconds. Larger grinding discs and faster grinding speeds bring about a high degree of uniformity in the ground coffee. But at the same time, the high efficiency of grinding brings high heat. High heat will accelerate the aroma of the coffee powder, so the same coffee beans, hand crank grinder grinding coffee powder aroma is stronger than the electric grinder.
3. Manual grinders can be used without electricity, and can be used at any time when you go out camping and travelling.
4. The durability of a manual coffee machine is high and the maintenance cost is relatively low. Hand-ground coffee makers can also be used as ornaments in the home when not in use.
The difference between the two is summarised as: hand crank grinder, particle uniformity is low, but the coffee aroma retention is sufficient; electric grinder, particle uniformity is high, but the coffee aroma retention is less. If you like DIY, more enjoy the production process, like grinding fun, then choose hand-ground coffee machine.

Suitable groups for manual coffee grinder and electric coffee grinder

Manual coffee grinder:
Because the manual coffee grinder is small in size and easy to carry, it is especially favored by people who love coffee but need to travel frequently. In addition, manual coffee grinders are also very suitable for office workers.
Due to the limitations of the office space, it is inconvenient to use an electric coffee grinder. The manual coffee grinder does not take up too much office space and is easy to use. It is the best choice for office workers who love coffee.
Electric coffee grinder:
If you are a professional barista who has high requirements for coffee quality and wants to drink coffee quickly and conveniently, then the electric coffee grinder is your best choice. Every cup of coffee ground by the electric coffee grinder can put you in a good mood.

Manual coffee grinder cleaning and maintenance methods.

Roasted coffee beans are rich in coffee grease, coffee beans through the grinder, coffee grease will remain on the grinding disc, if not done in time to clean up, with the passage of time, the grease continues to remain, the coffee grease deterioration appears “oil taste”, directly affecting the next production of each cup of coffee flavour. If you do not clean the grinder in time, it will not only affect the flavour of the coffee, but also speed up the wear and tear of the grinder.

After each grinding, use a small brush to clean the bottom of the grinding disc, the powder bin and the bean bin. Wipe the body to keep the grinder clean and the placement area dry.

The disassembly and maintenance of the hand crank grinder, often used need half a month disassembly and cleaning. Disassembly cleaning is mainly to clean the bearings and the blade on the coffee residual powder. The dismantled disc can be cleaned with a small brush or a clean towel, rinsing with water is not recommended. Remove the disc, can be observed with the naked eye whether the disc is damaged, such as damage will directly affect the fineness of grinding, fine powder will increase. Need to replace the disc in time.

Some coffee grinders for you

This is our vertical grain grinder.

manual coffee grinder

It has the following characteristics:
1.Black spray paint, high-end appearance.
2.Precision steel grinding core, CNC machining, fast cutting, labor-saving grinding.
3.Vertical grain appearance design, anti slip, easy to grip, sturdy and durable.
4.Dual bearing design. Smooth and non sticking grinding, easy to grind, and even powder production.
5.Adjusting the thickness to easily meet various brewing requirements.
6.Small machine compartment with large capacity. Can grind around 25 grams of coffee beans at once, meeting the needs of 2-3 people.
7.Blade cutting, retaining the layered flavor of coffee beans.

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