The Accessories You Need To Make Cold Brew Coffee At Home

The dog days of summer are here, making it the perfect time to add some chill to your coffee routine. Say hello to cold brew, the coffee trend that’s won the hearts of caffeine lovers around the world. But to make the perfect cold brew, it’s more than just the beans – you need the right tools too.

In this article, we’ll detail the best cold brew coffee accessories that can transform your home into your own personal coffee shop.

Cold Brew Coffee Makers

Start with the heart of your cold brew setup: the cold brew coffee maker. Make sure to choose a coffee maker specifically designed for creating cold brew beverages, such as the coffee makers by Takeya or Coffee Gator. These usually come with built-ins like a filter for placing your coffee grounds and a pitcher where you can add water and let it steep.

Cold Brew Coffee Kits

If you want everything bundled together, you can opt for a cold brew coffee kit such as the one offered by LIGHTEN LIFE. These kits typically include everything from a glass carafe with an extra-thick build for durability, to a stainless steel spigot for easy serving.

Coffee Grinders

Cold brew requires a coarse grind for the best results. A quality coffee grinder, like the one from Chan, will ensure consistency and precision, thereby enhancing the taste of your cold brew.

Cold Brew Coffee Packs & Filters

Make your cold brew journey even more convenient with pre-packaged cold brew coffee packs. Some brands like Dunkin’ offer these, which you simply drop into water and let steep. Additionally, cold brew coffee filters can help streamline the brewing process, making cleanup a breeze.

Cold Brew Systems

For those who appreciate professional-grade tools, consider the Toddy Cold Brew System. This system is a leading choice in the coffee industry, designed to extract every bit of flavor from your coffee, minus the bitterness, to make a rich and robust cold brew.

Cold Brew Bottle

For cold brew lovers on the move, the Hario Cold Brew Bottle can be a great companion. This innovative accessory allows you to brew and carry your cold brew coffee all in one bottle.

Coffee Bean Storage

Lastly, don’t forget about storing your coffee beans. Keep your beans fresh using an airtight coffee canister. This will ensure that your beans maintain their flavor and are ready for your next cold brewing session.

In conclusion, the right accessories can completely elevate your cold brew coffee experience. Whether you’re a cold brew novice or a seasoned aficionado, investing in these tools will ensure that your cold brew game is top-notch.

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