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20-year professional pour over coffee set manufacturers. The hand pour coffee pot is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, and the outer layer is made of Teflon high-temperature baking paint. It has high safety performance and also brings an excellent visual experience. The propeller grinder is based on the design principle of the propeller, and the high-quality grinding core core, Trying to create Italian-style mellow coffee. A very textured coffee set, each set is exquisite in workmanship and has a great sense of design.

Pour over coffee gift sets to match any of the different coffee equipment and accessories to your budget. The right gift box is designed to match the selected coffee set. Customisation is available in small quantities. Can be shipped within 3 days.

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1. Why choose pour over coffee?

The pour over method has established itself as the most popular coffee brewing style among the world’s top baristas.
Many coffee drinkers start out by buying a coffee machine and then a pour over coffee.
Initially it must be the coffee machine that makes it taste better, but as you continue to learn and gain theory and hands-on experience, you will find that pour over coffee can actually taste so good.
Pour over coffee is made using a drip filter, so the oil is barely visible on the surface of the liquid, giving it a fresher, smoother taste than the heavier feel of espresso made by pressurised extraction.
Travel camping outdoor pour over coffee brings more pleasure.

2.What is pour over coffee?

pour over coffee can be called Pour over or Hand Drip, a manual coffee brewing technique.
Pour-over coffee is involves pouring hot water over coffee grounds placed in a filter, allowing the water to flow through the grounds and extract their flavors, oils, and aromas.
That requires a few essential tools: a pour-over device, a paper or reusable filter, freshly ground coffee, a kettle for heating water, and a carafe or mug to collect the brewed coffee.

3.What utensils are needed to prepare pour over coffee?

For pour over coffee you need a hand-cranked grinder, a pour over pot, a filter cup, filter paper, an electronic scale, a thermometer if you have one, and most importantly – coffee beans. Here are the details of these appliances.
(1) Bean grinder
Whether electric or manual, a bean grinder is a must-have. Those who like to make their own coffee will most likely not choose to purchase ground coffee. As for the difference between coffee beans and coffee grounds, the aroma, freshness and taste are all very different.
The choice of electric or manual depends on the usage scenario and frequency of use. For home use, multiple cups a day, electric grinding is convenient. Mobile office, outdoor enthusiasts, hand-cranked grinder portable.
The cutter is the heart of the grinder, and there are only two common types of cutters: flat and tapered. No matter what the price of the grinder, electric or hand-cranked, the uniformity of the size of the coffee powder is an important criterion to test the quality of a grinder. Electric and hand-cranked grinders are each enjoyable in their own way and can be chosen according to need and budget.
(2) Hand Brewing Pot
The right temperature of water will give a better flavour to the coffee. If you have the means, you can purchase a temperature-controlled pot in one step. Set the water temperature according to the brewing needs. You can also purchase a separate hand brew pot with a thermometer to easily observe changes in water temperature.
For beginners, a hand brewer with a slim spout is recommended, as the slower and smaller water column allows you to practise controlling the water flow. Crane and duck-billed pots are more difficult to operate, and the water column can be large or small, strong or weak, making them suitable for those who want to improve.
(3) Electronic scales
When making pour over coffee, it is important to have a digital scale that can be timed, preferably to 0.1 g. Whether it is the steaming stage or the brewing stage, it is easy to see how long the brew has been brewed and how much water has been injected, making it easy to measure the way the coffee has been brewed and the subsequent flavour improvement options.
(4) Filter cups + sharing pots
What are the different materials and shapes of filter cups? Filter cups are divided into conical and fan-shaped filter cups and cake cups. The different materials and patterns will have an effect on the result, but for the uninitiated there is no difference. Ceramic is the best for heat retention, while the V60 single-hole filter cup is more forgiving and suitable for beginners.
The coffee sharing pot is mainly used to serve coffee. A graduated sharing pot allows for a more visual observation of the amount of coffee liquid.
(5) Filter paper
The filter cup should be used with filter paper. The choice of coffee filter paper is more about water permeability, flavour and suitability for brewing. It is recommended to choose a filter paper made of imported virgin wood pulp without bleaching.
(6) Thermometer (or hand brew pot with temperature display)
One of the factors that determine the flavour of hand brewed coffee is the temperature of the water, and different temperatures have a very strong impact on the flavour of the coffee. This is why it is important to have a thermometer, or to choose a hand brew pot with a temperature display. The usual water temperature for pour over coffee is between 88-94°C. The darker the roast, the lower the water temperature required.
(7) Coffee beans/ground coffee
Essential for making pour over coffee. Freshly roasted coffee beans (within 1 month from the roasting date) are recommended for pour over coffee, which is characterised by its layered texture.

Optional equipment:
(1) Coffee strength meter
Coffee concentration meters are “fever instruments”. The extraction rate of the coffee determines the amount of flavour in the beans and the strength determines the strength of the cup. By measuring the concentration of the brewed coffee, the extraction rate of the coffee is deduced and, in conjunction with the final coffee tasting, data is recorded and adjusted.
(2) Hand brew holder
The hand brew stand separates the coffee filter cup from the coffee sharing pot, which makes it look better overall. In practice, however, there are some disadvantages: the separation of the filter cup and the sharing pot means that the final determination of the brewing water volume will be based on the sharing pot, so you need to keep an eye on the water volume in the filter cup at the end of the brewing process to avoid too much water causing the coffee flavour to become too weak.
(3) Water quality measuring pen
At least 98% of a cup of coffee is water, so the quality of the water is very important. A water quality measuring pen can help you to check and adjust the water’s softness, TDS value, etc.
The water quality standards suitable for coffee making are
pH value: between 6 and 8.
PPM: 125ppm – 175ppm.
Soft hardness: around 60 mg/L.
(4) Coffee powder jar/cup
The coffee jar is used for weighing the coffee beans and for placing the coffee powder.
(5) Coffee sifter
Regardless of the type of grinder used, the coffee grounds will always be of different sizes because of the differences in density and size of the beans. A coffee sifter helps to sift out the fine powder, thus giving the coffee a cleaner taste, but at the same time less full-bodied.
(6) Coffee bean scoop
Used mainly to scoop out the coffee beans and the coffee powder.
(7) Sealing jar
If the packaging is damaged or there is no sealing valve, or if you want to store the coffee beans in the fridge, you can choose to use an airtight jar to protect the coffee beans from moisture and sunlight, as well as from light and heat, and to preserve the aroma of the coffee to the maximum extent possible.
Whether you are making a cup of coffee at home or in a café, a wide range of utensils is essential to get the best flavour from your coffee, in addition to choosing high quality coffee beans. This is why hand-pressed coffee is also known as the “most ritualistic” way to make coffee.
When making pour over coffee, a few dozen millilitres more hot water, a slightly higher water temperature of 2-3°C, a few more grams of coffee powder or a slightly larger volume of water in the pour over pot can all have a serious impact on the final taste of the coffee. So the more appliances you have, the better you can control all the brewing data precisely and provide better conditions for a good coffee.

4. Where can I find a supplier that can provide a complete pour over coffee set?

Pour overcoffee has developed many coffee appliance manufacturers due to the long development time and the high demand for the product. However, due to the relatively large variety of coffee equipment and accessories, many manufacturers only produce some of these products.
For example, only grinders and hand brew pots are produced, without offering other accessories such as filter cups and filter paper as described earlier. To buy a complete set of equipment you need to find several suppliers. If you are short of budget, you also have to compare prices from suppliers of the same products. It takes a lot of time.
The market needs a supplier who can quickly assemble the right set of products according to the customer’s needs and budget.
DASHENG is one of the best suppliers of pour overcoffee kit solutions and has a strong supply chain with thousands of models and products to suit the needs of different regions and cultures.
To date, over 2,000 sets of different coffee appliances have been assembled for customers. Whether you are an individual, a business, a coffee shop or a commercial salesman we have the right product for you.

5. Is there a supplier that can provide customized pour over coffee equipment and accessories service?

Dasheng can supply customised coffee equipment and accessories on request. Printed with the customer’s logo and customised box, the products can be adjusted in size and colour and can be purchased as individual varieties or in sets.

6. I am buying for a corporate gift, can I match my budget with a pour over coffee gift set?

Dasheng can match the set to your budget. Depending on your knowledge of coffee, you can choose whether the set is for a beginner, intermediate or advanced level.

7. What pour over coffee sets do you have to choose from?

We have pour over coffee sets for home and travel camping. There are some low-priced pour-over coffee kits that are good for getting started.

8. What are the features of each pour over coffee sets?

Below you will find some of our hot selling pour over coffee gift sets:

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1.Entry level eight piece coffee set

Item No. C-SET-003
600ml Pour Pot*1,
Glass Filter Cup + Sharing Pot*1,
Electronic Scale*1,
Stainless Steel Grinder*1,
Walnut Pea Spoon*1,
Filter Paper*1 Pack

This pour over coffee gift set can meet our daily coffee drinking needs. The pour over coffee pot is made from 304 stainless steel, making the entrance safer and more secure, and the Teflon high temperature baking paint gives you a different quality enjoyment.
The bean grinder, on the other hand, uses the propeller design principle to grind the coffee beans more delicately and evenly, and the steel grinding core greatly improves the grind, saving time and effort.
The V60 filter cup is one of the introductory coffee utensils for many coffee lovers. It appears to be a very high quality coffee hand brewer set, each kit is exquisitely crafted and extremely well designed. The value of the set is not to be missed, and it is great for both personal use and as a gift.

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2.Moka Pot pour over Coffee Set (5 Piece Set)

Item No. C-SET-001
Stainless Steel Pour Rack*1
300ml Pour Pot with Walnut Lid*1
300ml Sharing Pot*1, KM-1 Grinder*1,
Filter Paper*1 Pack

This gift set is a great way to pass on Italian culture. With an electric bean grinder, it is quick and effortless to use and the coffee powder is even and delicate. The moka pot has a classic look and is made from food-grade aluminium, making it easy to disassemble and clean. From the packaging it looks deep, and the feeling I get from using it is that it is very convenient, and the coffee brewed is rich and delicate in oil and aroma, making it easy to achieve coffee freedom.

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3.Peacock Pot Set

Item No. C-SET-002
600ml peacock pot (with skin on the handle)*1,
thickened glass filter cup + sharing pot*1,
KM-1 grinder*1,
filter paper*1 pack

This gift box grinder has an all-metal construction and the wooden crank is made of solid black walnut wood. The peacock pot allows for a steady and vertical flow of water for better coffee extraction.
The thickened cup is more durable.

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4.The Perfect pour over Coffee Gift Set (5-piece set)

Item No. C-SET-010
300ml Mocha pot,
aluminum spray paint + water transfer printing wood grain handle*1
Stainless steel cup with sanding inside and outside spraying Teflon*2
USB electric grinder,
stainless steel grinding center+ABS powder bin*1
Electric ceramic stove*1

This pour over set is both good looking and good quality, with a black exterior and 304 stainless steel material to bring us a pour over coffee experience beyond our imagination. The pour over coffee pot lid is made of walnut wood, which is beautiful and comfortable while providing effective heat insulation, and the 4mm swan spout provides stable water control and an even and smooth flow of water. The grinder’s food-grade stainless steel material allows direct contact with the coffee beans and the adjustment knob on the outside of the machine has 6 levels of adjustment, allowing you to choose the coarseness or fineness as you wish to suit a variety of coffee appliances. The sharing pot and filter cup are made of 304 stainless steel and can withstand large temperature differences without breaking, making them durable and safe.

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5.Portable Outdoor Camping Travel Coffee Gift Set

450ml Pour Pot*1,
Stainless Steel Filter Cup + Sharing Pot*1,
Small Cup*2,
Portable Grinder*1,
Filter Paper*1 Pack,
Black Suitcase*1
450ml Pour Pot*1,
Stainless Steel Filter Cup + Sharing Pot*1, Small Cup*2,
Filter Paper*1 Pack,
Black Suitcase*1

This outdoor hand brew set comes with a carry case for easy portability. The whole set is made of 304 stainless steel and the grip area is thoughtfully wrapped in leather to prevent burns. The exterior design is atmospheric and upscale.

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6.Carry outdoor camping travel coffee gift set in red

450ml Pour Pot*1,
Stainless Steel Filter Cup + Sharing Pot*1,
Small Cup*2,
Portable Grinder*1,
Filter Paper*1 Pack, Red Suitcase*1
450ml Pour Pot*1,
Stainless Steel Filter Cup + Sharing Pot*1,
Small Cup*2, Filter Paper*1 Pack,
Red Suitcase*1

The whole set is made entirely of 304 stainless steel, suitable for the complex outdoor environment. The red design is more visible in the wilderness. This gift set is perfect for those who like to be adventurous. Compact, lightweight and durable, you can brew coffee wherever you are.

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7.Carry outdoor camping travel coffee gift set black

450ml Pour Pot (without lid)*1,
Snowflake Filter Cup+Sharing Cup*1,
Small Cup*2,
Filter Paper*1 Pack,
Portable Grinder*1
450ml hand pouring pot (without lid)*1,
snowflake filter cup + sharing cup*1,
small cup*2,
filter paper*1 pack

The stainless steel hand brew fine spout pot can be heated directly over a fire, the fine spout makes for a steady flow of water and a thoughtful use of a wrapped leather anti-scald handle. The wood fibre filter is odourless and extracts a richer taste.

9. Are your pour over coffee sets expensive?

Professional-level pour-over coffee sets are more expensive, but our entry-level pour-over coffee sets are relatively cheap, and you can have a good set for less than $30.

10. Can I match the pour over coffee set according to my request?

Can be freely matched according to your needs.

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