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What utensils are necessary to make a cup of hand-brewed coffee?

Hand-brewed coffee is a high-level enjoyment among coffee lovers. If you have a deeper pursuit of coffee, hand-brewed coffee is an inevitable choice. What equipment are essential before you start brewing coffee? Here, I introduce to you five essential hand-brewed coffee tools that even a novice can use easily.


Choosing a grinder that allows you to adjust the grind size is key.
Consider the grinder’s ability to cut and grind evenly.
Avoid blade grinders as they cannot accurately adjust the grind size and may generate too much heat during operation, which affects the quality of the coffee beans.
Before using the grinder, turn it on and let it run before adding coffee beans to ensure uniform grinding.
electronic scale

Use a digital scale that can accurately measure the weight of coffee beans to 0.1 grams.
Avoid using tablespoons or bean scoops for measuring, as differences in coffee bean size can result in different total bean weights per tablespoon, affecting extraction accuracy.
Electronic scales can help you accurately control the weight and water content of coffee beans and maintain the ideal powder-to-water ratio.
filter cup

The filter cups are divided into trapezoidal and conical shapes and can be used with filter paper, metal filter mesh or filter cloth.
It is recommended to use a smart filter cup, which is simple to operate and clean, and can bring out the original flavor of coffee.
The filter paper needs to be soaked with hot water first to remove the paper smell and enhance the flavor of the brewed coffee.
hand brewing kettle

Choose a temperature-controlled hand brewing kettle and choose kettles with different capacities according to personal habits.
The spout difference and the material of the hand-washed kettle will affect factors such as water output, water flow speed, and heat preservation. Therefore, choosing an appropriate hand-washed kettle can better control the water flow.

If the hand brew kettle does not have a temperature control function, use an electronic thermometer to monitor the water temperature to ensure the appropriate brewing temperature.
Use a timer to record the timing of each brewing step to ensure brewing accuracy.
With these appliances, you can easily brew delicious hand-brewed coffee at home. Enjoy the process and you will gain more experience and insights over time.

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